Planning for Retirement

You may have existing pension plans in place, like an allocated pension or complying annuity or lifetime pension from defined benefit super. Perhaps you’re just starting to save, are ready for retirement or retired already. Whatever your situation, we at Competent Professionals can create a retirement plan that’s tailor-made for you.

We’ll listen to your ambitions for your retirement and help you start planning and working towards achieving your retirement dream.

We can work with you to decide how much to put aside, and recommend what investment opportunities are right for you. We can also advise on what steps you should take to keep your superannuation and income stream up to date. So you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have taken steps to turn your dreams of retirement into reality.

> Saving towards retirement
There are more ways than ever to save for retirement. And how much you invest now can make a fundamental difference to how much freedom you have later. We at Competent Professionals can work with you to determine how much you should be, and can afford to be, saving. We can also advise on the products/environment that best suits your attitude to investment and your dreams for the future.

If you have reasonable savings in non-super environment, you could consider moving part of it into a ore tax efficient environment. If you have no savings in place, it’s a good idea to start now. We can guide you through the number of options available, from tax efficient superannuation based strategies to strategies where you retain access to funds in case of emergency.

And once you’ve got started, we can help make sure your retirement preparation continues to head in the right direction.

> Getting ready to retire
It’s important to regularly review your financial plans for retirement so that they stay on track. Through a combination of expert advice and the ability to introduce you to a specialist tax professional, we can help make sure you’re investing in the right place, taking advantage of all available tax breaks, and are saving enough to have the retirement you’re dreaming of.

As your retirement day draws nearer you’ll find yourself with a number of choices. For example, you may decide you can afford to maximise your super contributions and get the most out of available tax benefits. Or you might want to work beyond the desired retirement age and consider the benefits of doing so.

We at Competent Professionals can make sure you’ve considered all relevant factors and have an appropriate plan in place. So you can start preparing in earnest for the best years of your life.

> Enjoying your retirement
When you retire, you want to be sure that you have enough income to make the most of these years. And that means making some important decisions. We at Competent Professionals can help guide you through this process, and advise you on ways to ensure your income lasts the whole of your retirement.

You may consider taking a tax-free lump sum from your superannuation/retirement savings to pay off an outstanding non-deductible debt, like a mortgage. You could compare different income stream options and products available to see if you might be better off. You may choose to continue investing in your super fund while converting part benefits into income stream and taking a tax free income while still accumulating more funds in a tax effective manner.

We can talk you through the options available, and help find the right ones for you, so you can start enjoying your retirement.

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